Room 720

10:00 venue open
10:30 opening act

    music/prayer by Horita Yoshiki
    greeting message from Keibo Oiwa and EoH MCs (OMG, Nun, Yoshiki)

10:45-  Helena Noberg=Hodge (Local Futures, UK/Australia)

“Big Picture Activism to Change the World”

11:15- Sami Awad (Holy Land Trust, Palestine)

“The viability of Economics of Happiness
under military rule–A case study on Palestine.”


Kobayashi Takeshi x Yotsui Shinji with Keibo Oiwa

Kurkku Fields: Lifestyle in Harmony with Nature

12:35-13:30 Lunch break

Vegan lunch box and organic coffee are available at the stall!



Greedy Capitalism VS
Creative Glocalism



Wen Tiejun

The Alternative Economic Strategy in New Era
–Eco-Civilization & Rural Revitalization

14:30- Art performance by Won Wing-Tsan and Master Hoshino

14:45- Moo Somboon

Sustainable Lifestyles in Community:
A Buddhist Perspective


15:15- Patricia Moguel

The Political Transition in Mexico and
the Role of Grassroots Movements:
Tosepan Cooperative as a National Model



15:45- Art Performance by yuha.


16:00- Michael Shuman

Finding the World We Want:

Transition towards Local Economy

16:30- Saad Dagher

Agro-ecology and Ecovillage:

A New World Grows out of Palestine


17:00- Music performance by apper a.k.a OMG




17:30- Swae(Siwakorn Odochao)

Agro-forestry and Localization:

Lessons from the Lazy Man Story in Northern Thailand


wrap up


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