Asai Shintaro

    Shintaro was born in Aichi in 1949. After graduating from the Tokyo University of Agriculture, he was employed by a major brewery, before leaving in 1973 to further his studies in Germany. On his return to Japan, he contributes to market development in the West.

    In 1978, he joined the Ota Shoten Limited Partnership (Present: Maruya Hatcho Miso Co.,Ltd.), a long-established Miso fermentation house. Utilizing his experience in Germany, he discovers and develops the high potential in “organic” quality, and leads the export of organic miso beginning in the 1980s. He gained the position of representative director in 2004.

    He is passionate about passing on the tradition of ‘local’ Hatcho Miso to the next generation and travels the world as ‘Mr Hatcho’ (often dressed in a traditional samurai costume) to promote Japan’s unique and diverse local food culture.

    Maruya Hatcho Miso Co., Ltd.