Pianist. Composer and Music arranger.

    Born in Tokyo, studied at the Junior & Senior High School at Otsuka, University of Tsukuba, followed by her years at International Christian University (ICU).

    Released the CDs “Sunshine”<Nippon Crown>, “FRV!” <Nippon Columbia>,
    Kazoku (Family)” <Waseda University Laboratory Series>, “Ai ni Afurete (Overflowing with Love)” <Waseda University Laboratory Series> with the Latin jazz band Ritsuco Endo with Funky Ritsuco Version! -FRV!

    Released Ritsuco Endo’s slow piano pieces collection CD “Shimpai Shinaide (Rest Assured)” <Waseda University Laboratory Series> and as the Ritsuco Endo — Chiaki Ogasawara Unit, the CD “SMILE” <Waseda University Laboratory Series> featuring original tunes with lyrics reflecting Ritsuco’s nursing care for her mother.

    Led the Ritsuco Endo with Funky Ritsuco Version! -FRV! band on a Central American Concert Tour in 2002 to Columbia, Dominica, Cuba, Venezuela under Japan Foundation’s “Performances Abroad Program” for concerts hosted by the local Japanese Embassies.

    Held consecutive China Concert tours as the Ritsuco Endo Piano Trio in Shanghai (2002) and Beijing (2003), in commemoration of the 30th Anniversary of Normalization of Diplomatic Relations between China and Japan.

    As the Ritsuco Endo Piano Trio, participated in the 2003 UNESCO Hall Concert at UNESCO Headquarters, Paris, and performed at the Czech Cultural Center in Paris as part of the “European Jazz Festival”.

    In 2009, went to Bolivia, Peru, Venezuela and Paraguay on a Latin American concert tour organized by the Japan Foundation.
    Ritsuco is active on the music scene at Tokyo live jazz clubs such as STB139 Sweet Basil, Satin Doll and Swing, giving performances that are marked with passion and overwhelming joy in sync with the audience.
    She is a pianist who creates a heart-warming atmosphere among the audience through her beautiful compositions and expressive playing filled with drama.

    Teaches jazz/pop piano and jazz theory. Frequently organizes casual jazz parties among amateur players, thus helping to add color to their pleasant musical lives.
    Ritsuco currently performs with her FRV! band and Piano Trio on all sorts of multi-faceted scenes. She is indeed a producer that links people’s hearts with music.