Nakamura Ryuichi

    CEO of Windfarm Co.Ltd, and Yukkurido, Co-founder of the Sloth Club,
    President of Network of Enterprises and Citizens for Protect Children from Radiation.

    Born in 1955. He moved to a mountain village when he was 23 years old.
    He worked on the promotion of organic agriculture and environmental conservation,raising rice, vegetables and chickens organically.

    In 1998, he started Fairtrade business. He spoke in the international conferences on Organic Coffee held in Columbia, Brazil and Ecuador.

    In 2000, he opened the first organic cafe in Brazil “Terra Verdi”.
    In 2004, he received an award of an honorary citizen from City of Machado, Brazil for the promotion of organic agriculture and Fairtrade.

    For the last two decades, he has been committed to conserve and regenerate biodiversity through the promotion of agroforestry.