co-founder of Sokka, children's ocean awareness program, Ambassador to Edible Schoolyard Japan

    Ai Onodera is co-founder of Sokka, children’s ocean awareness program, and Ambassador to Edible Schoolyard Japan. She has a network of chefs, farmers, fishermen, and schools in Miura peninsula.

    Ai has traveled around the world nine times coordinating educational programs on Peace Boat’s global voyages. Centered on the themes of children, education, food, and building Sustainable societies, she has organized hundreds of events in and out of Japan.

    She was a founding director of Peace Boat’s Montessori program(2008-2016), founding member of Global Moms Network (Tokyo), Kindergarten of the Sea (Zushi), Public Campaign Director of “GROW” (Oxfam Japan), a certified International Montessori Assistant Teacher, and permaculture designer, and a professional interpreter.

    Loves surfing, cooking, and spending time with her husband and three children in Zushi, Japan.