Patricia Moguel

Biology researcher, Mexico

    Ecologist, Patricia Moguel has worked as a researcher and a teacher in the various universities in Mexico and abroad for forty years. After working as a professor in University of Michoacán and Ibero-American University, she started to run the workshops as a environmental educator at various universities, institutes, NGOs, communities and civil groups.

    She has also been an adviser of the groups of indigenous coffee producers around the country for thirty years. In 2018, she found “Center of Art, Ecology and Culture”(ECOFE) in Morelia, where courses, workshops and diplomas are offered to educate and train up the community leaders for working on the social and environmental problems.

    She thinks that one of the key of “localization” is  learning from the wisdom and tradition of indigenous people.She also participates in the planning team of environmental educators of the current government (AMLO) in Mexico belonged to the Ministry of Environment, in which they are designing the national plan on environmental education for sustainability.