Siwakorn Odochao

Lazyman Coffee production

    The most delicious is rice, the most beautiful is human, the most best smelling is baby, the most coolest is water. Pgak’yaw word’s that fall in my heart since I have heard.

    I grew up in Karen village with nine brother and sister in my families lucky that could learn local wisdom and traditional knowledge. In the other hand I could finish master degree from open university. Learning the global changed, root to the localization is also a part of what I had learn from ARI (Asean Rural Institute) in 2009. I believe that the small scale of farming can help poverty led to sustainable development and beautiful living.

    In 2011 I could started lazy man coffee to against mono cropping corn and introduced alternative of farming to the people in Karen village and direct market to people in Thailand presented “slow down for the Earth”. We could meet Keibo (prof. Tsuji) who had presented “slow is beautiful”.