Teida Ayumu

    Over 10 years ago Teida began a journey around the world to visit, film and learn from indigenous representatives from 12 different tribal peoples, sharing their stories of ancient wisdom and lifestyles in harmony with the Earth.

    To date, he has visited 11 different peoples and places including; Aboriginal in Australia, Celt in Ireland, Tlinkit in Alaska, Native American Hopi, Native Taiwanese, Native Hawaiian, Ainu in Japan, Maya in Guatemala and Mexico, Masai in Kenya, Sami in Finland and Norway, and Tibetan in China, Nepal and India.

    The final chapter of his journey has seen a return to Japan in Spring 2019, to investigate the theme of “Jomon” peoples and culture.

    After his 10- year travel and work, the documentary film “HIBIKI -RHYTHM of DNA-” will be released to the world in 2020.

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