Tsutsumi Mika

    Mika TsutsumiInvestigative Journalist. Graduated from NY State University(Int’l Relations)Master’s degree in International Relations at City University of New York.After working for the United Nations, Amnesty International, and Experienced 9・11, Tsutsumi became a journalist,  specialized in US Politics, Economy, Healthcare System, Social Welfare, Education, Energy, Agriculture, Public services, etc.Well known for an extensive investigative research through on-site coverage and analysis of official documents.

    Her book ‘Citizen’s Silent Revolution in USA” has won Kiyoshi Kuroda Journalist Prize of Japan Journalists Association.“USA~The Poverty Superpower” won both Grand Prize of Kodansha New Book Award, and Japan Essayist Club Award.Many of her books have been translated overseas.His recent book “Japan is for sale” has been best seller.