Uekusa Kazuhide

    Director, All Japan for Peace and Coexistence (AJ.PaC), economist


    Born in Tokyo in 1960, Uekusa embarked on an academic career, graduating in Economics at the University of Tokyo and then becoming a professor at the Graduate School of Waseda University. He was also a visiting fellow at Stanford University Hoover Research Institute and became an Associate Professor at Kyoto University


    Uekusa has since forged a reputation as a fearless speaker and commentator on economic issues, despite harassment from authorities. In parallel with working on economic and financial analysis, he promotes the “Gerbera Revolution”, a citizens’ movement aiming for a society where everyone can live with a smile. He publishes a popular political blog & e-mail magazine “Unknown Truth”.


    In 1998, he was ranked first place in the economist category of the Nihon Keizai Shimbun analyst ranking. He has written many books including: “Contemporary Japanese Economic Policy” (Won the Ishibashi Tnazan award), “Independence of Japan” and “State always lies”


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