Yanasawa Daisuke

    Daisuke Yanasawa started Fun Corporation Kayac Inc. in 1998 with a school friend. The company was listed on TSE Mothers in December 2014 and is the only listed company in Kamakura.

    His Kamakura-based company offers unique products including web services, apps and social games. The company was joined by Pla-Cole in 2015, Gulti Inc. in 2016, and Real Kamakura Estate and Well Played in 2017.

    He also started affiliated companies Kamakura Home Funeral Company in 2016 and Kayac Living Inc. in 2017. His companies adopt unique personnel systems and work styles, and are pioneers in creating new business models.

    Daisuke is an outside director of TOW Inc. since 2015, and of Cookpad Inc. since 2016. In November 2018 he published “Kamakura Capitalism” with President Inc. which shines light on new capitalism from a local perspective.

    Fun Corporation Kayac Inc.  https://www.kayac.com/en