Yotsui Shinji

    After completing the master program at the Graduate School of Agriculture at the Shinshu University, Yotsui worked in sales and research, farm management and for an organic fertilizer company.

    In 2001, he set up “Soil Design”; a company providing permaculture design and soil management expertise. He was involved in the design works of the gardens of Aichi Expo and a village regeneration project in the Goto Islands in Nagasaki Prefecture.

    In 2007, Yotsui moved to Hokuto City in Yamanashi Prefecture and worked as a technical advisor for various companies and as a permaculture instructor for Non Profit Organisations.

    He shares his daily lifestyle experience, integrating his permaculture expertise and philosophy through renovating an old house and opening a small, demonstration farm in the forested foothills of Mt. Yatsugataka – nurturing and protecting natural ecosystems.

    He is active both at home and abroad as a permaculture designer who promotes an ecological lifestyle that also respects and appreciates the inheritance of Japanese culture.

    His passions include the Japanese Tea ceremony, Making things, Old tools, Rope making tools of the Showa era


    Soil Design: http://soildesign.jp/